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This little red deer calf came looking for his mummy in early 2006, she was around the back. We knew then that we had to put a fence around the area in which we wanted to create a garden. We have seen as many as 13 red deer at one time on the northern hills of the property. We have and have seen both red and roe deer, although the red are more common.
Here another calf in the garden before the fence was erected. In some ways it is sad not to have them so near but as most of you know there would be no garden if you allowed them into one.
One of the Red Deer stags, we named 'Little Eric'. Nigel took this shot of him in March 08. He was just outside the garden fence line. We also erected an electric wire on top of the fence. However, we have not had to put the fence 'on as yet as the fence itself seems to be a deterrent, although the red deer could easily jump it. Also deer tend not to go where sheep have grazed so that helps.
This baby kestrel came to shelter on one of our bedroom window sills. We think he was the baby of a pair we had around here in 07. There are many birds of prey in the area. We are told that there are two pairs of nesting Golden Eagles in Scammadale Glen. Nigel has seen them flying over a couple of times. Also Sea eagles which again Nigel saw down on the river Euchar. Kestrels, and unfortunately Sparrow hawks are common and so of course are the buzzards. We have a nesting pair and love to watch their baby learn to glide on the thermals. We also have a selection of owls including a nesting pair of Tawny owls.
This was Philly Pheasant under the front garden Rhodi earlier in 08. Beautiful colours. Sadly he had a bad foot and as we haven't seen him for many weeks guess he is no more. However his friend Philip is still a frequent visitor.
Nothing unusual about sparring Robins I guess. We are so lucky with the amount and variation of birds in this area. We get sea birds, meadow and woodland birds as well as the birds of prey. So many different types of Finches, a pair of collar doves, most unusual for here. All types of Crows, Rooks, a wonderful flock of Sparrows. All types of Tits, larks, Cuckoos in the spring and of course the barn is taken over by the Swallows, 30 we counted this year 08.
These little babies we think are Chiff Chaff. The nest was in the bank where we were building our new terrace Spring 08. We had to halt proceedings until they had flown the nest.
A male and female otter. Unfortunately this was only taken at the Sea Life centre just north of Oban. Nigel has seen one in the wild down on Loch Feochan.
Today October 7th. while having coffee with a friend whose house over looks Loch feochan I saw an otter and 3 seals. We also thought Nigel saw an otter down on one of our burns but it was sadly more likely a mink.
These seals are part of a colony living on Kerrera island in Oban bay.
Ginger one of the colony of seals living in Loch Etive. Ginger is a great favourite with visitors as one can get very close to him. We also have a small colony living on the little island in Loch Feochan.
July 09 This little soul has at last found the box we put up for him last year. He comes at least twice a day. We hope he brings his family soon.
Just so beautiful?