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Kilninver and Kilmelford are twin villages, whose area spreads many miles. Approximately 8 miles separate the two villages, although their boundaries join. There are two churches both Church of Scotland. There also used to be a Free church in Kilninver. The village has always had a primary school which is now our nearest neighbour to the north. Once it had a post office and shop. There is a post office and shop in Kilmelford but no school. It is in Kilmelford that the village hall, now 10 years old was built. The population of that village being the greater and there are plans to build far more affordable housing there. We are all concerned this will ruin the village. Anyway what to include as photos? I think I will include my favourite views as well as a few buildings such as they are.
Below are some shots of one of my favourite views, just down the road from us, about a 10 minute walk. It is at Kilninver where Loch Feochan enters the Firth of Lorn. One can look across at the mountains of Mull. I have taken this shot many times, at different times of the year and at different times of the day. It is always beautiful.
In early Autumn.
In winter with snow on the top of the mountains.
Early summer.
The light up here is so wonderful.
Late summer.
Probably my favourite one, and one that many of you will be familiar with by now. One evening at the end of August.
Same view during the day.
November 4th. 08. On my way to Oban about 8.30 in the morning, there was this wonderful golden light and the mist on the loch.
same day I zoomed in as much as my lttle digital camera will allow me. Almost looks like a painting. The colours have not been touched up at all.
A few buildings in KILNINVER
The old FREE CHURCH Kilninver, now a private residence. Taken in January.
Looking down on the old post office Kilninver, also I believe now a private home.
The old manse, let now as a holiday cottage. The minister lives in a new manse in Kilmelford.
LOCH FEOCHAN The Loch of the gentle breezes.
This photo was taken in February 08. It was taken from just outside the old Post Office looking across the meadows towards Loch Feochan. I was trying to capture the rainbow.
This was taken in February 08 from just outside the Old Manse. Looking across the entrance to loch Feochan out towards Mull.
Taken at the same time and in the same place as the one above. Could be pasted together for a panoramic view. This looks north up the Firth of Lorn towards Oban. The entrance to the loch on the right.
The tide half way out on Loch Feochan.
A January photo. Snow covered mountains of Mull in the distance.
Looking across the modern Kilninver graveyard to the entrance of the loch.
As above. Both taken in January 08.
September. The road passing by the loch on the way to Oban.
Mid summer. The loch shore half way along.
The loch shore Kilninver end looking towards the Kilpatrick's house, once the Salmon Centre.
Taken from the same spot, our launch site, this time looking south. This launch site is opposite a cairn built in the loch dedicated to the Kings of Argyll. There is very little of the cairn left only to be seen at low tide with a large stick showing. It was from this launch site that the old Kings of Argyll were ferried across to Mull and then taken on to Iona for burial.
Halfway along the loch where there is a small marina on the western shore.
Further along the loch towards Oban. The loch is approximately 4 miles long and is obviously a sea loch and therefore tidal.
I just loved the reflections.
Just giving an idea of the wild flowers along the shore line.
The top, Oban or northern end of the loch at Kilmore.
The RIVER EUCHAR at KILNINVER rises in Loch Scammadale and flows west down through that glen then crosses under the road whereupon it flows north passed Barochreal a few hundred yards to the west of us and on into Loch Feochan and then eventually the sea. The following are a few photos of it just across the way from us.
Here one not only has a glimpse of winter sunshine but you can see clearly the wonderful moss on the trees which gives the trees a green haze even in the depths of winter, is so beautiful up close and when the frost gets on it looks like some intricate lace work
One of our burns entering the river.
If one looks westwards from Barochreal they can just see hidden among the trees a little holiday cottage belonging to Raera Farm. Immediately below this on the river Euchar are some wonderful waterfalls.
GLEN EUCHAR or as we all call it SCAMMADALE GLEN is part of the parish of Kilninver and Kilmelford but the there is really an almost separate community living down there. It is within walking distance of us and one of my favourite glens. It reminds me and some of our visitors of Buttermere in the Lake District. It is about 5 miles long.
The River Euchar flowing through Scammadale.
Look at that marvellous light.
A little friend from Scammadale farm, who sat on Nigel's Quad bike while we were filling the trailer behind with the manure out of the midden.
October 2005. Again the wonderful light on loch Scammadale.
Boxing day 2005. The following photos I took on Boxing day because the light was so wonderful and the frost so thick. We have not had such a thick frost since.
If you look carefully you can just see a house hidden among the trees.
Reflections in Loch Scammadale.
The view that most reminds me of Buttermere. I think it is that promintory of trees at Scammadale farm?!!
Taken September 08.
Five minutes in the car and a walk across the fields brings you to the wonderful beach of Barnacarry bay. This spot is only known to locals as it can only be got to across private land. Still with the freedom to roam laws in Scotland this is permissible. Selfishly the locals keep it a secret, but it is a wonderful place to walk and our predecessor use to swim from here.
Ruins of a little house on the grass near the beach. There was a little community here at one time.
One gets splendid views of Mull from the bay.
Looking up the Firth of Lorn towards Oban, taken from the bay.
OUDE DAM Kilninver. This dam serves as the water supply for Kilmelford. It was once the road way and called the Pass of melfort as it leads down to Loch melfort. Now they have built the road higher to the east and obviously from where I am taking the photos. One has to pass it every time they go down to Kilmelford, which at this time of the year is at least twice a week.
Reflections are wonderful.
October 08
Looking down towards the actual dam.
Novemeber the 5th 08 . For Robin on her birthday as she knows this place.
Oude dam on a cold and frosty December morning. 08
Just down the road from us looking up the valley of the Euchar to the snow capped mountains of Mull. Dec. 9th.08
Kilninver Bridge and the River Euchar looking south. December 23rd. 08.
Same day, looking NW from Kilninver bridge towards the entrance to Loch Feochan.
As above.