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The purpose of this website is obviously not a commercial one. It is simply to show our friends down south and in other parts of the world our new home in Scotland. Many will have received photos but obviously we cannot afford to send everybody all the photos we would like to share with you. Many of you have shown such interest in what we are trying to do, that I hope these few pages will give you a glimpse of what we have done and are continuing to do. A number of you have visited already, many more we hope are still to come, I hope this encourages you to do so. However, more importantly this site is for those of you, either because of age, health or distance are unable to visit us but still want to know how we are getting on. These pages are more especially for you. We hope all of you will enjoy the contents and find something to interest you.

This photo shows the front of Barochreal as it was when we moved in July 2005. Barochreal means the 'hill of the king' The old kings of Argyll were brought here and laid out for burial before being taken down to our launch site on loch Feochan, from where they were ferried across to Iona for burial.

The back of the house below in 05. In the 1700's Barochreal was a village of 16 families, long before the town of Oban existed. On our land we have managed to locate many of the ruined houses and Nigel has a map showing the location of 14 of them. The villagers had many occupations but one of the main ones was concerned with 'flax' and we have located the ruins of the old flax mill on the river Euchar opposite the house.
The front of the house above in March 07, just after finishing the new entrance. This also shows the fencing erected in April 06 which defined the boundaries of the 3 acres in which we wanted to create our garden. On the other side of the road in a meadow which was once part of the Barochreal estate is an old burial mound said to date from somewhere between 2-5000 BC. This of course is now a listed site. If ever they move the road as the council have plans to do, then this may one day be part of our estate again.
The back 07. This shows the finished conservatory, the defining of lawns, drives and flower beds, also the beginning of the Alpine garden.
This picture was taken in August 06 when I went up in the helicopter which had come to spray our bracken. We wanted to clear this for two reasons, to give better grazing for the sheep, but also to encourage the natural wild flowers back and of course to see the craggy outcrops of rocks. This photo also shows clearly the extent of the Barochreal 'estate'. It extends from the right of the road and just south of the first group of trees on the right to beyond the photo top left. The conifer forest is our eastern boundary.
This photo taken by Nigel in September 07 just about shows Barochreal, to the right, in relation to the village half way between us and Loch Feochan.
View of the back of the greenhouse and vegetable beds. 2012.
Back side field gate looking across to house 2012
Barochreal Bee hives in the wild garden. 2012